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FARR Plugin: TimeZone [Update version 1.4.2]

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Sure, here it goes! Thanks for the help! :)

btw there is no timezone.ini, except for the localized ones inside /Locale

Perry Mowbray:
No timezone.ini even after saving the settings?  :-\

And you can't run settings from FARR? That means that FARR and javascript plugin is having issues...

what happens when you run FARRTimeZone.exe download -600??

Using that, puts some icon on the taskbar, which dissapears after 2 seconds. No .ini gets in place. I assume that window is the one that should appear when selecting "Timezone ReDownload" (which does nothing for me). Tried also elevating the prompt to see if that makes any difference, but does the same :(

@Perry Mowbray: I have had to uninstall:

* Gmail Tasks
* GooglePlus
* TimeZone
Each one of them appeared to be causing FARR to crash on start-up.
(I did post about this elsewhere.)

IainB: For what it counts, I have the latest versions of them all (gt, gp, tz) and the latest FARR and the only one failing for me (not crashing, just not working) is tz...


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