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FARR Plugin: TimeZone [Update version 1.4.2]

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Perry Mowbray:
I installed by stopping FARR and then replacing the TimeZone folder under FARR\plugins.
When I restarted FARR, TimeZone initialized fine but 'tz' showed me my local time for all slots.
One manual TZ ReDownload fixed that (I have 'download each launch' turned off).
-cranioscopical (April 10, 2010, 07:38 AM)
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Would that have been using tz before the download/extraction had completed? You'd see the TimeZone icon in the system tray...

Hi, I would like to report, that I'm getting the same problem reported on previous pages, where I can't open the options... I can bring the configuration tool through the command prompt with settings -600, but nothing ele.
I've installed FARR yesterday, and today this plugin, so I'm using latest versions on both. I'm using Windows 7 x64.

Ancy clue? attaching a screenshot as reference:

I would love to get this plugin working... looks amazing!

Thanks :)

Perry Mowbray:
It looks like your data file has not been generated (i.e. no entries in the Timezone dropdown). The download should happen when FARRtz starts up the first time.

You can manually trigger a download by using the TimeZone ReDownload option (from FARR)

Apart from that, I'm not sure who else is using it on Win7 64? I'm certainly not, so have not tested it...

Hi, the download never happened... still the same.

And I believe is an unicode problem, it does not tries to download anything...

Perry Mowbray:
Can you zip up the TimeZone/data directory and send it to me with the TimeZone/timezone.ini file?

PM me for my email address...


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