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FARR Plugin: TimeZone [Update version 1.4.2]

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Same issue here, all slots show local time.

Mine are all okay....  :Thmbsup: One less to worry about Perry ;)

Same here. I get a blank list and cannot select any timezone. Tried deleting the plug-in folder and installing a previous version. Same result.

I tried also to set my locale to English United States and my Time Zone to Greenwich, but no luck.

Using Windows XP SP2 (in English)

Maybe they changed something at

Mine isn't recognizing DST in UK...

Perry Mowbray:
Maybe they changed something at
-aless (April 01, 2010, 09:21 AM)
--- End quote ---

That they have, so I'll make the changes... sorry for the problems  :-[.

Your settings should be fine; well I hope they are... they're contained in the timezone.ini file. You can make a backup copy of this file if you like and edit it by hand if necessary (well, copy and paste probably)...


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