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Shadow Defender 1.4.0 [gotd]


GOTD is offering Shadow Defender again.  I am trying to find more detail how it is implemented.  If it uses a cache file and VSS like Toolwiz Time Freeze or some other method.

As of this post there is 15 hours and change left on the GOTD download.
If anyone has experience with this or even knows of in depth review(s) please follow up.

I uninstall RollbackRX so often, to get a macrium image backup of the current state, defrag etc.. that it may be cool to install this at times, esp. since it is free.  :)

Well, I can't get it to work right on my Laptop.  I click to manually go into Shadow Mode.  It pops up a splash that says Please Wait.  Then it says Shadow Mode at the top of the screen.  But the splash never goes away and I cannot minimize the window to tray.

I tried turning off hibernation setting, and running it manually as administrator.  Same thing.
At least I was able to uninstall it.  So I didn't have to restore from Macrium image to get it off.


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