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Speech the text, full window, on top of other window , a must wait time needed!


I like this program and I use it now. I would like you add below features:

1) a option to read the text by computer ( only read during day time. would be great if let me choose the time. let say from 9am to 11pm).

2) a option to make it full window and on top of other windows with a must wait time. ( for example.after displaying the text, every one hour in full window or full screen. it should wait 10 minutes  on top of other windows so I can rest my eyes and do some sport and then back to work!)

3)a check mark to display fullscreen or full size window.  in full size window or full screen the text should display at middle part of screen limited to orginal window size. not only at top corner of screen.

Thank you for your great application.

I think Program is really useful and interesting as well. sounds quite interesting, thanks for sharing


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