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Idea: File Association Snapshot

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Agreed - nice idea and thanks to ald4 for posting it and tanatos for taking up the challenge  :Thmbsup:

There are, of course, shareware applications, such as Associate This!, that do this.

Glad so many people think this is a good idea :)

Darwin. Tried the trial of Associate This! last week when you suggested it but couldn't get it to work at all - not even the backup and restore associations from backup would work.

Was going to leave it on my PC and try getting it working when I had more time, but explorer crashed on me 4 times tonight and Problem Reporting says AsThisX.dll is involved.

thanks anyway :)

FileTypes Manager may help, but there is no history of prior associations.

Also found this, but I'm not sure if it will show the history, although it mentions something about keeping track of it.
I haven't tried it yet.,2817,1639076,00.asp

well crap, sorry but quickassociation cost 8 dollars, having to register with pc magazine.

I had to go the dentist (fun fun) and did a quick search for file type history before i left.

But file types manager is free. It's almost like windows file types but a bit more to it.


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