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Software Tester / Troubleshooter Dream Features


I teach Windows Installer classes and I am preparing a new class dealing with application testing and debugging.

One challenge with application testing is recording test results in an efficient, non-obtrusive manner that does not create a footprint on test machines or production machines in the case of production troubleshooting. 

This challenge is universal to all software testing.  This problem is also shared for gathering troubleshooting and problem determination data for help desks and second and third level support.

I was hoping to make contact with Mouser via email so that I could relay a small list of features which would make your capture software very attractive to this group.


you can always post the ideas here for everyone to discuss.. but if you want to email me directly that's fine too ([email protected]).

I'm curious to see the list of features, could you post it, djsdjs? :)


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