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Microsoft's Turn-off mode in IE8 not enough, says Opera.

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Why would Opera need Microsoft's "advertising?" Opera is free, multi-platform, and everyone knows it's out there. It dominates almost 2% of the market!! (me included)


Tiff Raw:
First can I say that I'm not computer literate, I just use a PC . . haven't got a clue what goes on under the bonnet, this is just a simple observation. Don't know if anybody else has had the same problem as me? Recently downloaded IE8, but then uninstalled when I read that there were security issues, and reverted back to IE7 as the blurb said . . . only to find I'd lost the ability to lay down my cursor in any relevant box on screen. Couldn't enter script anywhere, but the mouse still worked as far as other tasks were concerned. The cure? I re-installed IE8 and all OK again, as this text proves. Not a happy bunny though, as I found IE7 easier to use than IE8.

welcome Tiff  :up:

yes this is a real fear of mine whenever i upgrade something -- that i won't like the upgrade and that going back will cause more harm.  luckily what usually happens is after a few days of being mad at whatever they changed that i don't like, i get used to it and forget :)


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