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IDEA: Find filenames/folders above certain length and offer to rename them

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for some time now I've been seeing a faint image in a red(ish) square... (affects some others as well)-target
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I'll use the blue box to recycle it.

I guess that means it's intentional then (i thought it must have been some sort of rendering issue I was having...)

does it have some significance?

what's happened to Lanux?  I thought he might be a bit more active on this...-Target (March 24, 2009, 06:05 PM)
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don't worry, had some things to do outside. i'm glad that you took this coding snack and just ran with it. :up:

not a problem :up:

I'm still running, but i was looking for a bit more feedback from you on this...

your little app has rapidly outgrew my coding snack requirement, it's now more like a mini-renamer. i'll take a look later and will let you know. also some customisable options would be nice, such as retaining user-defined length and last-opened folder plus a log of renaming that was done.


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