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IDEA: Find filenames/folders above certain length and offer to rename them

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I wondered if that would go past...

I wondered if that would go past...-Target (March 23, 2009, 06:24 PM)
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Off topic, again.I reckon you should have called it Crustes and introduced two versions.
Could have had Regular Crustes and Pro Crustes.

Anyway, to genuflect before the topic, you're doing a nice job on this!

many thanks, I'm enjoying the excercise

and much as I enjoyed the reference, I'm not sure I want to produce something called crusties - that sort of thing that can follow you around (for years...)

contextually it's also a little confusing as the fellow was apparently either a minor deity (I'm somewhat used to this already) or a bandit.  It may be that there is sometimes little difference but I'd prefer the former rather than the latter

at the end of the day he came to a sticky end regardless which is also something I'd rather avoid if at all possible...

at the end of the day he came to a sticky end
-Target (March 23, 2009, 08:11 PM)
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...and so back to crusties.  I take your point.

Be nice if:
one could expand the window horizontally.  Believe it or not some file names here are longer than will fit without scrolling.
highlighting on selected files could be adjusted on the fly, to match the value in the trim left/right spinners.
there were a 'trim between'.
one could select/copy directly from file names to paste into the 'custom replace' box.
there were an undo.
the tax man knocked on my door tomorrow to hand me a full, cash refund

Good work so far.  This is probably one scenario you want to handle:

Files named:


If you trim right two places, and keep overwriting, you will end up with a single "file_.jpg" file.


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