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IDEA: Find filenames/folders above certain length and offer to rename them

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as per title, i was thinking that a program could go through given folders recursively and report back the files/folders that are above the user-defined length and alow the user to rename them within the UI.

this will come in handy when burning cd backups. too many times, the burner complains about extra-long filenames way too late and sometimes this happens during the burning session, with a prompt holding up everything. i'm not someone who hangs around watching the whole burning session, so this program will be a good guide for me before i click the 'Burn' button. :)

ah that's a nice idea.. maybe with some basic rules for autosuggesting new names?

yes, some rules-based renaming suggestions will be very helpful too.

I like this Idea so many times I have had this problem.

If you all don't mind me getting a bit of sleep, I can tackle this one later today/tonight.  What sort of rules were you guys thinking about?


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