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license key not recognized


Evertime I open Mobysaurus, which is installed with a permanent license key ( *r1;ewT43 ... AeXpEk= ), I get the message "Your temporary license has now expired.  This program is free but.... Would you like to visit" My name and email address appear in the 'About / License Information' panel.  I have reinstalled this key several times but the response remains the same.  I think this is the second key I have received for Mobysaurus.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks for any help.

Comments on Mobysaurus:  I like the extensive list of synonyms and associated words.  The only feature I would suggest is some kind of organization to the words, e. g., (i) by syntactical type:  nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, phrases, etc., like Roget's International Thesaurus; or (ii) clustered according to meaning associations like StarDictionary or VisualThesaurus.  However, the word list, although often extensive, is well chosen.  I find it superior to WordWeb, which (i) often uses the word being defined in the definition of that word !? and (ii) often seems to lack any discrimination in the extended list of synonymous and similar words, e. g.,  pressing 'Type of' or 'Types' tabs eventually lists "abstract entity" and a few other nebulous terms for almost every word searched.  So although WordWeb has a better formal structure, Mobysaurus has better content.  The best (most perspicuous explanations of distinctions) printed source I have found is Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Synonyms, but it is not available in electronic form.  (From thesaurus suggestions, my final choices are based on Oxford English Dictionary and Webster's Third New International Dictionary.)  Anyway, thanks for Mobysaurus; even if no changes are made, it is a very useful tool.

hey max, thanks for your thoughtful idea -- we've been playing around with the idea of a new version of mobysaurus so the more ideas the better.

try generating a new key for mobysaurus from this page:
if that still fails, then email me and i'll try to help you figure out what's wrong ([email protected]).


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