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IDEA: Shell extension to show total play time of media clips

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v1.3.6 - 2013-05-06
    * Changed it so that all timestamps in the list are in hh:mm:ss format.
      This is to get around some silly Excel auto-formatting issues when
      importing an exported CSV file into Excel and having Excel think that
      mm:ss timestamps are hh:mm:00 format.  (Thanks, P. Loshuk)
    ! The selected time field wasn't cleared when clearing the list.

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v1.3.7 - 2013-06-17
    * Non-contiguous listview selections are now movable with the Ctrl+Up and
      Ctrl+Down hotkeys.

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v1.3.9 - 2013-12-03
    ! Small cosmetic fix.

v1.3.8 - 2013-12-01
    + Drag & drop reordering of the listview is now possible.
    * Updated to v0.7.65.0 of MediaInfo.dll.

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v1.4.0 - 2014-02-23
    + Added ability to allow only audio files, only video files, or, like
      before, both types of files.  (Thanks, Wayne)
    + Added option to set listview font.  (Thanks, Wayne)
    + Added "Include subfolders" toolbar button.  (Thanks, Wayne)
    * Updated to v0.7.67.0 of MediaInfo.dll.
    ! Playlist export was broken.  (Thanks, Wayne)
    ! DPI was borked on the Choose Columns dialog.
    ! Not all columns were displayed in the Column Chooser.

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v1.4.3 - 2014-02-27
    * Tooltips are now shown for partially visible items in the listview.
      On some OSs, this may not work properly if the window is set to
      always on top.
      (Thanks, Wayne)
    * Changed "Parse playlist files" to "Include playlist files when
      scanning" to avoid confusion.

v1.4.2 - 2014-02-26
    + Added Parse Playlist toggle button to the toolbar.  (Thanks,
    + Added a new time format: Seconds  (Thanks, noda)
    * Time format setting now affects the Length column in the list.
      (Thanks, Wayne)

v1.4.1 - 2014-02-25
    ! Time format setting wasn't saved.  (Thanks, Wayne)


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