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IDEA: Shell extension to show total play time of media clips

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It's terrific!  Many thanks for adding the additional features.

BTW, are the column widths supposed to be settable and sticky?  I see the width info in the ini file, but the columns seem to open as something different.

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v1.2.8 - 2012-02-01
    + Added column sort indicators.  (Thanks, Wayne)
    ! Filename column width wasn't being saved properly.

I've been using 1.2.1 without any problem on Windows 7 32 bit. Seems like any version after that if I try to Add To PlayTime using the context menu or even drag and drop onto an open PlayTime Window, the entry never appears and I get the spinning circle mouse cursor. Only way to get rid of busy cursor is to kill PlayTime from the task manager.

1.2.1 does what I need fine. Just thought I'd let you know since I just tried the new Feb release. I even tried last Ansi only version 1.2.2 and got the same thing. Seems like it likes 1.2.1 and nothing later.

Thanks, MilesAhead.  This is due to compiling it with the AHK_L build for Unicode.  I'll take out the shell extension portion in the next build.

-I didn't think to test the context menu before reading the two previous posts. Mine is not working either! The reason I didn't test it before was, that I always use Send To > PlayTime, and it works.


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