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IDEA: Shell extension to show total play time of media clips

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hmm... using PlayTime, I converted a WPL playlist to M3U, and felt something was missing. I checked, and Yes, the playlist made by PlayTime is 2 hours shorter than the same list saved by WMP: 30 "rows" are missing!

In PlayTime I clicked > Select All > Save selected rows to playlist > Yes, I have selected 95 rows...
If I use PlayTime to open a WMP-created M3U version and save it as another M3u list, it is 125 rows (not 95), and all is well.

The original WPL list (from WMP): (10.09 kB - downloaded 296 times.)

the resulting PlayTime .M3U list (95 rows): (3.72 kB - downloaded 304 times.)

WMP's WPL saved as M3U: (5.41 kB - downloaded 311 times.)

WMP's M3U saved as M3U by PlayTime: (4.75 kB - downloaded 313 times.)

Will you need me to check the missing files? To my memory they are normal MP3 files.

It's almost certainly a Unicode issue.  You'll notice that the missing tracks are the ones with non-ASCII characters such as:

50 Stærke Danske Hits
Sinéad O'Connor
Samlade Sånger 1992 - 2003 (CD 1)
Björn Afzelius\Bästa

-of course. Now I know first hand why I must get a key for ehh... what's the name, "total"-something or similar ..., "watch the differences between two files" ...? I tried to do it manually, and clearly lost oversight and missed to see the obvious.

Oh, there it was: Compare It! Is this the one to use? No "total"-something?

Edited again:
Oh... Ultra, not Total... "UltraCompare":-)

There's tons of those comparing tools. You'll probably have more luck finding freeware tools if you look for the word diff.

-thanks, worstje

In general I am tired of freeware programs. Far too often they are updated too seldom or never. If I have purchased a key for a program, I feel I am entitled to hunt down the author and make his life miserable, if the program doesn't work as expected. But how do you bully a freeware author? You can't!


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