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IDEA: Shell extension to show total play time of media clips

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skwire that would be most excellent.  Anything to avoid data entry into a "time calculator" thingy. :)

Extremely simple and preliminary, but see if this is something like what you had in mind.  Just drag-n-drop files to the list; the time will compute automatically.  You can also do the typical shortcuts:

Delete: Delete selected rows (time will recompute as you delete files).
Ctrl-A: Select all.
Ctrl-U: Unselect all.
Ctrl-I:  Invert selection.
Ctrl-up/down: Move a selection up and down.

Download: PlayTime

Some other things I forgot to mention:

* Just about any media file type should and audio i.e. anything mediainfo.dll supports.
* Also, you can drop a folder and it will recursively scan through it.

skwire: can't get it to work. it crashes when i drag-n-drop a file (mp3) or folder containing mp3s. any idea why?

I've been uploading new builds throughout the night.  Please re-download and try.  Also, do you have both files (mediainfo_poller.exe and mediainfo.dll) in the same folder?


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