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IDEA: Shell extension to show total play time of media clips

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Geez!! I didn't realize Explorer will show the total time of selected media files if you have Details Pane selected in Layout(or at least it does on both my Vista PCs but I have MediaInfo installed on each so I'm not sure who is doing what.)

Still, it's nice to have this utility to drag stuff from various folders etc..

edit: btw I noticed that Windows, for some reason, doesn't(at least on my systems) do total play times for .wmv files.  If this is because I auto kill WMP I don't know.. but in any case it's good to have PlayTime on. :)

This is a really nice little utility.  Would it be possible to enhance it by enabling it to calculate the total media file time from a play list?  Specifically from an .m3u file?

I have a blind friend who presents an Internet radio program using WinAmp and it would be very helpful if he could calculate the total playing time of the files in his playlist.  His screen reader program will not read the total time field at the bottom of the Playlist Editor window.

Sure, can do.  I'll make it handle m3u, pls, and wpl files.

PlayTime has been updated to v1.0.4: Webpage | Download

v1.0.4 - 2009-07-22
    * Playlist files (m3u, pls & wpl) are now parseable for their contents.
      Use the checkbox to toggle this behaviour.  (Thanks, Miguel.2007)

Please let me know how it works out for your friend.  Thanks.

1.04 seems to work ok but the toolbar buttons are invisible on W7 7077 32 bit and Vista64 SP1.  When you mouse over you just get an outline of the button and tooltip.  No graphic.

I tried compatibility mode XP SP3 and SP2 and it made no difference.  Must be something to do with the way Vista/W7 graphics differ from XP.


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