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IDEA: Shell extension to show total play time of media clips

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If you have MediaInfo installed and hover the mouse you can get a tooltip with the play time of the video clip and some other info.  But I've yet to see a shell extension where you can select multiple media files, right click to select a command, and get the total play time.  Even if you drag & drop a bunch of videos onto MediaInfo I don't think there's any option for total play time of all the clips.  Would be very convenient for those of us who like to burn discs full of .avi files or whatnot.

This sounds interesting.

Is there BTW something like xfire has where it counts the number of time you play a certain game and last:fm counts what music you play for tv shows and movies?

I'm not familiar with xfire, but I'm not into gaming so my ignorance is infinite there. :)  I was just thinking where MediaInfo provides a .dll the play time could be had for each file.  The shell extension would have to get the filenames from the shell or it could just use the Copy to clipboard trick if it was an AHK app, make the dll calls into the MediaInfo library and do the math.  Could even just use a MsgBox to give the results.  Doesn't have to be fancy.

Hours minutes and seconds are just harder to add in your head than decimal.

Hmmmm looks like if you call the MediaInfo dll and ask for Duration String 3 you get back a string with hh:min:sec.milliseconds playtime and could parse that to split it out to integers.

For an ahk aficionado the rest should be easy :)

I could easily make a simple drag-n-drop app that would allow you do drag a list of files to it and report the total time.  Would that be acceptable?


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