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Updater Not Working

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This can happen when i upload a new version but decide that it's too minor an update to bother updating the version number that the updater sees.

When this happens -- people who downloaded before this "silent" update do not get prompted to download and install the new update, and to them the program looks up to date.  And people who grab the new version wil see that they have a newer version than the updater knows about (if i updated the minor version #).

I've gone ahead and updated farr to new version so everyone should see it now.

Thanks for the explanation, mouser. You shouldn't have to update the version number just because we asked, the explanation is sufficient.  :)

i released a new version (not much new but enough); i didn't update the version just for you guys :)

uh, ok  :-[

Ok - now If I manually check it says need update.

It's the auto update that doesn't give me the blue pop up to say there is an update? Do I need to move the DCUpdater to my D drive where I have FARR? Is the DCupdater non install?



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