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Updater Not Working

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FARR's updater is not working, and when I do a manual check it says my version 2.45 is the latest when it isn't?


i dont see how farr could report that 2.45 is latest version, in any scenario i can think of  :huh:
clevercat can you email me a screenshot? ([email protected])

mouser, I've already put the new version in!  ;D

Next time there's an update I'll send you a screenshot before I update..

When I run DcUpdater it tells me my installed is newer then the version on the web.
I have version 2.48.02 and the version on the web is 2.48.01.

I grabbed my copy from FARR's page on this site.

Screenshot - 3_10_2009 , 8_43_36 AM.png (36.02 kB. 655x476 - viewed 159 times.)

I also have the issue remailednet has. Any ideas why this is happening?

(I think I have a clue, but I'll let the one that know better than me say what's wrong)


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