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last window id

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VERY interesting....  Does something similar exist for Vi/Vim bindings?
-alias (February 03, 2010, 11:30 AM)
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Not as far as I know.

If I recall correctly, it might be slightly tricky because of the modal-ness.  BTW, which Vi/Vim are you using?

I use Vim for Windows (v7.2), ViEmu for Visual Studio, Word, & Outlook, and Wing IDE...

Hmm...I don't have those things, but I did give GVimPortable a try.  

With the following code appropriately added to FarrFolders.ahk (followed by compiling the script and placing it in the appropriate location), I observed that opening files for editing seemed to work:

--- Code: AutoIt ---else if f_class = Vim{  WinActivate ahk_id %f_window_id%  Send, {Escape}:e %f_path%{enter}  return}
I tried using:

  :n .

followed by the enter key to do directory browsing in vim, but this didn't work here.

Edit: Ah, when I try w/ version 7.2, directory browsing seems to work...and the code snippet above seems to work as-is :)

FWIW, I used the AU3_Spy utility that comes w/ AutoHotkey to determine a value for ahk_class (used in the snippet above -- the value was Vim).

New to FARR and having a gooood time playing with it and understanding its power.  :up:

FarrFolders is a very nice addon/alias, works great! I have a couple of really simple AutoHotKey scripts that I use to go to my most used folders in Directory Opus. I have them check to see if Directory Opus is open and then use that window if it is. Is there any way to get FarrFolders to use that behavior instead of opening the folder in a new window every time?

I read an earlier version of the FarrFolders.ahk, and I really didn't see how I could modify the Directory Opus part to do what I wanted, and the latest FarrFolders only comes with a compiled version any way. So I guess I guess I'm asking for a favor or some help or guidance and direction. Can I get FarrFolders to use an open window if one exists?


I don't have a good answer to your important question, however, regarding:

the latest FarrFolders only comes with a compiled version any way
-ebennetthill (February 03, 2010, 08:28 PM)
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IIUC, the ahk files were moved into a subfolder named "AHK files".  Do you see such a folder?


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