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DONE: Random (real random) file from folder and subfolders

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Since there is an error -- "Run time error '6: Overflow" on Windows 10.
Its the VB's Shortcoming when it attempts to store/search too much data.

scancode post an demo video of v2 on Nov 2015, So I'm wondering the version 2 is really exist? :)

Or should we just try skwire's Scud? :-\

Any chance of reupload ?

Downloadlink seems to be down, does anyone still have the zip? My harddrive containing pickme stopped working.
This really is a gem, still no alternatives that do it quite as well as this. 

While this may not be quite as well polished as the original version. I wrote a small console utility that does the same thing.

It is purely commandline based.
Setting the root directory is done using the option "-d" followed by the root directory to search from (example -d "c:/familyphotos")
Extension filtering is done by "-e" followed by the extensions you want to include (for example -e "wav,ogg,mp3")
The amount of files for you to choose from is set with the "-t" option followed by an integer.
This changes the behavior slightly if higher than 10, as 10 cannot be input in a single character. So when selecting you have to hit enter as well.

This gif should illustrate: DONE: Random (real random) file from folder and subfolders


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