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DONE: Random (real random) file from folder and subfolders

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Hey, I'm sorry to necro this thread, but I downloaded this program a few years back, sadly due to moving computers I have lost the program files. I would like to redownload it, however the download link has been overtaken by spam so I cannot redownload the program

I would really appreciate it if anyone has any solutions as I really enjoyed using this program

Thanks for posting, Gurg.  I tried the download link and agree it's now popping up lots of spam if you try to download it.  Scancode, the original author, comes around fairly regularly -- hopefully he'll see this and give us a fixed download asap.

In the meantime if anyone has their own copy of the program files I'd appreciate it if you could privately contact me about downloading them

@mouser thanks for the heds up!

@Gurg, I have updated the download link. Turns out I had lost control of that domain a while ago! :/

Thank you very much!


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