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DONE: Random (real random) file from folder and subfolders

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@2muchacid, @TUTRider: Welcome to DonationCoder.   :D

The author of this program, scancode, hasn't been very active lately so I'm not sure if you're going to see a timely response from him.  We're going to try to contact him off-forum.  However, if he doesn't reply, and based on this app's popularity, I can see about rewriting the application myself.

No problem,it is not a huge deal because I can keep using other programs to do what I want but to get this one working would be rad. Let me know if you need any more info and I can definitely get it for you.


That would be great!! Can you do it, please?

The error I get only happens when I select a folder with many sub folders and files, like 30.000+ files.
That's the only fix I need.


I contacted scancode and he said he's in the process of rewriting this application in C#.

Hi all.  Registered just to say thank you for this program.  I thought I was the only one in the world that would want something like this.  I did find a couple things, and I am hoping I am just not smart enough to figure out how to work the program properly.  Can I choose more than one location?  I have three different hard drives with movies on them, and I would like to truly randomize my choice.  Also, when I do a pick, it will only pick a file that is within a folder.  For example, on the root of my D Drive, I have 500 movies, I also have 500 movies in various folders on the same drive.  If I do a pick, it will only give me results within folders, none of the files on the root of the drive are ever selected.  Outside of those two, this program is great, and does a great job of letting me not have to make a choice what movie to put on at work...

Thank You!


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