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Feedback on dcmembers site

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Actually I read on their forum that the news module has an rss feed build in. in my case. edit: added this to site via feedburner.

Thanks for the comments so far :)

Added sitemap, rss-autodiscovery based on html 5, wider layout 960 wide so screenshots don't mess up layout, and directed downloads to the page.

I realise the changelog is a bit clunky, but this way does not require any work from me to publish the changelog it is generated from the comments i send in and its available as RSS and plain text link.

On a WSB note I wasn't too happy I couldn't change templates from the admin section but with the Addon File Editor module that's solved now. WSB is ideal really.Breadcrumbs would be nice or make it clearer what section we're in, requires a bit of css fiddling.


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