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Feedback on dcmembers site

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Hey I finally made some time to update my dcmembers page with my ahk scripts I've created over the years.
There's some issues with screenshots being too big (or the page isn't wide enough) but apart from that I'm pretty happy with it.

So I'm looking for feedback for anything that can be improved, from finding things easier to annoyances etc.
The link is

(just used a slightly modified template for the design - andreas08 it's called - didn't really want to spend the time to make something unique as I like the functional & practical look of this)

Love it  :-* :-*

Cheers mouser :) Am really impressed with WebsiteBaker btw, installing addons and templates is as easy as pointing to a zip file on your pc, and it's very flexible if you want to without ever becoming 'open-source complicated'.

Need to add some more donationcoder links in tho.

looks very clean
easy to get around and everything is there :up:
if you sort out the screenshots you're sorted I'd say

Carol Haynes:
Nice - layout clear.

Couple of things -

obvious image size problems you mentioned alread
the 'List of Changes' links on the download page going to another website is a bit clunky - especially as it is a completely different layout and you have to use the BACK button to return to the download page.

I think you are right - WebBaker looks very nice and easy to use for simple websites but it seems to have a number of things missing. One example is an RSS feed which would be ideal for your site to notify users of updates etc.


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