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IDEA: Google Translator Tray App

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Maybe this is an idea? I saw this google translate boomerang and I wondered why there is no simple minimize to tray google translate app? WHere you can select predefined language sets (like English - French, German - Spanish, etc). And click, wait couple of secs and you have your translation? Is it possible? Maybe with some copy result to clipboard thingy?

I've been googling, but only found some outdated widget which I can't use.

if you are used to Launchy kind of app you might try out FARR (Find and run robot) + Google translate script

But if you do not use FARR then there might be a simpler tool, which would do what you need ;)

That is actually what I had planned for Fried Babelfish, some day.

czb's google translate plugin for farr which he linked to is perfect for this, works great and even guides you as choose from languages.  highly recommended:

Fred Nerd:
I had one at one stage, I just can't remember where I got it from. Worked really well, except I didn't need. So its gone now and I can't remember its name. Probably have the setup file somewhere, but it would be impossible to find.
One day I'll have to run all my downloaded programs and see what they all are and wonder why I thought I'd need them..
I'll have a think for you.


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