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DownloadSquad: 10 Applicaiton Names that could use a re-think: I WAS ROBBED!


From downloadsquad today, an article on badly named programs:
Since I started writing here at Download Squad, I've come across tons of great new programs. I've also encountered some bad ones, and some that never got the chance to strut their stuff. Why not? In some cases, it had to do with how the developers chose as a name for their apps.

Now, I'm not questioning how these applications perform, their price tag, or anything of any real, practical concern. Some of these might be quality downloads. That said, let's have some fun. Here are 10 application names that warrant reconsideration.

--- End quote ---

I have been striving for recognition of my bad naming skills for many years.. How could he miss "Find and Run Robot" or "Clipboard Help and Spell".. not to mention the sheer genius of my "Desktop Coral" tool?


cmpm: is kind of an outrage ous miss..haha
i was thinking the other day why you gave it that name
robot?  :)

Mousey, for my 1700th post, I wanted to do it in such a manner that I could get you for those names. This presents me the perfect opportunity. Admitting you have a problem is half the battle or as said by G.I. Joe "Knowing is half the battle". Good for you for coming out of the closet on your naming conventions :) I still wait for Find and Run Help+Spell Robot Tamer v2.0.167 beta 2 alpha 1. When is that due out?

Mouser, in my opinion the name FARR is both nice and descriptive (if you know the full name) so I wouldn't give you any prize for it :)

The worst choice of name I know about is an old game called Clone.

It's a long story, it all started some 10 years ago when I found a demo of it on a CD added to some computer magazine that my father had bought (he used to buy lots of them). It was a very interesting logic game where you control a (smiling) blue ball in a top-down view, and it was most interesting when in some levels there was more than one blue ball (hence "Clone") and each key press made them all move in this direction. So sometimes a move made one of them to do what you intended, but was fatal for another. This usually made it impossible to pass the level because they were all needed for cooperation.

So, what's wrong with the name Clone? Well, I completed the demo (1 episode out of 6 in the full version) and forgot about the game for a few years. During this time I lost the CD in a small personal tragedy, so when one day I woke up with Clone on my mind, it turned out that I don't even have the demo version any more. So I started looking for it over the internet and... try yourself, typing "old game clone" returns lots of results but no trace of this game :( Only clones of old games of all kind!

I spent several hours looking for it before I gave up. From then on, once each few months I recalled about the game and spent again a few hours looking for it, and finding nothing. I couldn't recall the name of the company nor any other info that could be used to find the game, I had just the name.

So I can say honestly that I was looking for any trace of this game since 2003, if not longer. And it's all because of this stupid name!

But the story has a happy end: last month in one of those maybe-it-was-just-a-dream-and-the-game-never-existed sessions I finally found it! On this site: DOSGames (I'm definitely gonna donate to that site). And I tell you - it is exactly as good as I remembered it! My full recommendation. Runs without big issues in DOSBox.

It even turned out that it's been abandonware since 1999...


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