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Need a custom CMS in PHP

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thanks for the suggestions, but i've tried them all... well except website baker, it actually fits into what we need.

I find the way you put blocks of content into the template somewhat weird, but i've got to read the full documentation first.

again, thank you very much.

out of curiosity, how much would it cost to code something like it?

How much would a custom CMS cost? Oh boy :)

Unless you're going to use a random guy from India found through RentACoder and get a shoddy result, it's going to be "quite a wad of cash". Getting an existing CMS system customized to your needs would be cheaper, but don't expect "a few hundred dollars" unless you find somebody desperate.

Just in case this topic is revisited, I would recommend CMSMadeSimple, in my opinion it's not the easiest but it's not too complicated either

WebsiteBaker and cmsmadesimple are both fairly easy to use and set up, and have enough modules for a lot of basic needs. They also have the advantage of a fairly easy to use control panel (esp. website baker which I could have put in front of my mother and she would not have panicked)

After that the option might be something like expression engine - not open source but cheap, and I have used it quite a bit. It's totally template driven so you can build any kind of site in it.

I hear this question a lot and I have to agree - simple and cms don't seem to go in hand in hand...

Try this list to see if there's some you haven't tried.


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