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Need a custom CMS in PHP

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Hi everyone, I need some advice/help.
My company needs a Joomla like CMS but without the complex workflow. I've tried some of the opensource CMS available but, they're either too simple or too complex. Seems there's no middle ground here :S. What we need is something that can does the basic things (news, pictures, polls) plus a product gallery and template flexibility (so i can code valid xhtml!... so difficult these days).

Does someone know something like this? if not, can someone code it at a reasonable price  ;) ?

PS: please correct me if my english is lacking somewhere... I'm trying to improve it  :).

Have you tried websitebaker, if so what else have you tried?

I recommend Drupal, which, while being complex, let's you anticipate and plan for growth of the website.

Drupal is not easy. I use it myself and keep recommending it :)

Drupal is not easy. I use it myself and keep recommending it :)
-housetier (March 02, 2009, 11:40 AM)
--- End quote ---

What aspect of Drupal do you find complicated? I find it simple and logical.

Usage of a few extra modules does help. I use:
- LifeWire Diff: provides wiki-like revision with in-text highlighting
- BlockBar: Collapsable (left-pane) menu
- Booktree: Book table of content
- Click2bookmark: user-specific topic bookmark
- Comment subjects: Provides the default reply title to a post
- Comment upload: Attach files to comments
- FCKeditor: advanced WYSIWYG editor. Drupal is one of the very few CMS that use HTML for posts, which I consider much better than bbcode
- Hovertip: Glossary term highlighting (in all posts)
- Imagepicker: User specific images
- Link node: Allows links of type: [node:123] where 123 is the thread. Automatically creates a link with the text = thread title
- Quote: Adds button to quote a post
- Fuzzy Search
- GB Comment Revisions: creates revisions when comments (i.e. posts) are edited
- Panels: Creates complex page with content panels

Carol Haynes:
What about WordPress - find a template and go.


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