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wanted: alternative to FastStone Image Viewer

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Hey folks,

I've been a long-term user of FIV but some little bugs are still not fixed (after years - and yes, I reported them), so I'm looking for a good freeware alternative.

What I mostly need are these features:
- speed (going through image)
- a good 'move option'*
- key functions can be used with the keyboard only

* like in ACDSee, FIV allows to press 'm' to open the move dialog, where I can (with just pressing 'm' once more) move the image to the folder where I moved the last image to. I can use the up/down keys to select other folders that I have previously used.

The program doesn't need to have lots of other features.

You tried XNview or IrfanView already?

Don't know about XNView as IrfanView is my personal default viewer, because of the raw speed and in v4.x you can edit (like MSpaint) with it as well.

The move function like you described is not available in IrfanView, however there are 14 folders you can set as default at any time and pressing F7 will move to currently selected folder.

As I said, I don't know about XNview, but people tell me that is has a nicer interface than IrfanView.

EDIT: proofreading is always done after posting, right?  :-[

Carol Haynes:
Just tried XNView again after a long break. Very nice (and less clunky than IrfanView IMHO)

Google's Picasa could be worth a try too.

+1 for IrfanView.


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