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FARR for multiple users over network?


Hi all!

Mouser thank you for the wonderful program, I've been using it at home for a year now :)

I work at a 911 communications center taking emergency calls. We've recently made an effort to consolidate all the "call out book" information we have on file for the cities we dispatch and take calls for, FARR has shown to be a huge bonus in helping us find specific information very quickly. We just pointed it at the root directory and it did the rest :)

My question is how multiple users can use the same installation of FARR over the network. I started out by loading it on a shared network drive which everyone accessed via a shortcut. It seems to work fine and there even has not been much of a slowdown, but I did notice that if one user chooses to ignore a search result, that doesnt replicate to other people running the same farr.exe from the same shared directory. Are the exceptions and ignore commands stored locally?

There are several users at all different ranges of computer experience level. I'm hoping I can administratively set it up one way for all users to share. :)

This is a good question.. Actually another user recently convinced me to add a feature which he uses to share some farr alias configurations over a network, and i hope he'll post how he uses it for this.

Keep in mind though that FARR is not really set up to used shared configuration files over a network, so general settings are not going to be easy to share automatically.  But i'd be open to adding features to FARR that would make sharing certain information easier.

I set up my local FARR and made it the way I wanted it, then just manually copied everything to a shared network drive and it still seems to work. It's a little slower than it is normally of course but its still way faster than the old way which was open a browser, go to our internal site, click search, use the drop downs to select our little corner of the site, type in what we want to search for and peruse through 500 unrelated results.

FARR is much much much better and everyone is very happy, thanks again :)


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