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IDEA: Destop Files/Folders to Date-Folder Catogarizer

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small Idea for massive internet users, who download a lot of freeware stuff to the desktop.
Maybe someone could code a program, which stays in tray and waits until shutdown to move all files/folder to a special folder with the Date (and time) as Name (DD.MM.YYYY), except some special permanent files/folders.

What about seedling's program on DC, File/Folder Date Organizer:

I just want move all files/folders into a Folder with the current Date as name and not sort them in different folders with creation dates... The program would be right if such a option is aviable.

I'm not sure if Filenanny would work either. But either way it would help to inform the software authors of your requests via these forums.

A link to may be found on the posting below. Not sure if it is the most recent version though or if AK has a DC sub-site now (a very quick search didn't help me).

there are some tools here in DC that partly does this, such as Desktop Teleporter by tchikien and Skrommel's MoveIt.


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