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Smarterware Essay: Simple Guidelines for Workday Quality Over Quantity

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This is an interesting short blog piece from Gina Trapani's new webiste (she was formerly part of LifeHacker), relevant to our Getting Organized Experiment discussions.  It emphasizes avoiding distractions.

Very nice mouser, thank you very much, I really needed this.

These are simple ideas that have a great impact on productivity.

i'd be very interested to hear from people who went from obsessive email checking to this kind of once every 3 hours approach, since i am very tempted to try to adopt such a plan, but im just not sure i could.

I just started to do it. If I will succeed I will let you know. For me it is a little hard to ignore emails because they may be related to work and be very important (and could require immediate attention).

Anyhow, I would be also interested to hear from others if they were able to implement these ideas or if they have other rules they impose in order to increase their productivity.

Also worth to try and limit meetings to a certain time of day. you'll know what time of day you are most productive, so don't schedule meetings there if possible. (for me between 11-12 and after 3pm are good times for meetings).


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