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Smarterware Essay: Simple Guidelines for Workday Quality Over Quantity

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I liked this so much I descieded I wanted this list posted near my PC screen.
(That’s how distracted I get :-) ), since I didn’t like the print quality of the picture, I created a Word DOC and I’m sharing it with you guys here.

A PDF is avilable at:

and a DOC (editable) verion is avilable at:

Hope I havn’t broken any copyrights, enjoy all.

for me between 11-12 and after 3pm are good times for meetings
-justice (February 27, 2009, 08:07 AM)
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Wouldn't want to interfere with lunch!  ;D

i'd be very interested to hear from people who went from obsessive email checking to this kind of once every 3 hours approach, since i am very tempted to try to adopt such a plan, but im just not sure i could.
-mouser (February 27, 2009, 04:00 AM)
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If you receive many e-mails through the day, perhaps it would better for you to install an e-mail notifier (unless you're receiving a new e-mail every minute).


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