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Any freeware to change the case (capitalization) of clipboard text on the fly?

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I'm looking for a freeware app that works similarly to the shareware program ChngCase:

A program that reads existing text in Windows clipboard, converts the case of the text to one several different options (UPPERCASE, lowercase, Sentence case, Initial Capitals, tOGGLE cASE) then pastes the text back to Windows clipboard.
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Any ideas? I have to change the case of a few hundred little bits of text, so I need to make the process as simple as possible.


lots of different programs can do this.

my Clipboard Help+Spell includes such functionality, but is way overkill if that's all you ever want to do.

Thanks mouser. I just tried it out and it works fine, just a few keystrokes and the text is perfect :)

Looking around at the other features I'm already convinced I'll use it for more than just this project. Thanks for the tip!

im going to try to add hotkeys to the formatting presets soon -- once i do that you'll be able to configure it so you can just hit a single hotkey to apply the transformation without having to deal with menus, etc.

That would be great, I'll have to keep an eye out for an update. Save a keystroke!

By the way, the titlecase formatting turns all letters after an apostrophe (') into uppercase...

This: it's i'm mouser's they're
Becomes this: It'S I'M Mouser'S They'Re


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