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Feature request - a common folder for your programs in Start Menu

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Hi Mouser.

I have an idea that might be useful for a number of your program's users. I have seen that each one of them has a particular entry in Start Menu (e.g. ProcessTamer for Process Tamer), but I think it could be more useful to have all your programs grouped in a single folder in Start Menu (e.g. MouserSoftware\ProcessTamer). Sometimes I have to look after a certain program created by you in Start Menu (which is very large in my case) and it would be more easy to have all your programs in a single place, especially considering the fact that I use a large number of your applications.


P.S. Your programs are one of the best I have seen. Thank you for them and thank you for giving them freely. I really appreciate your hard work.

thank you for the kind words.
i wish i had done that from the beginning.. you're right that it makes things cleaner.
i'm just hesitant to change now with so many installations in the wild.

I know there would be some very hard work to do this and there are a lot of things to take into consideration. If you ever decide to try it, I would be more than happy to be a pre-pre-pre-release tester. Just give me a sign.  ;)

i always extract the apps manually and put inside a 'DonationCoder' sub-folder, ditto for start menu..

Thanks lanux128!  :Thmbsup:

I just managed to do that. I created a new folder (but I named it "MouserSoftware") in "All Users" folder start menu and moved in it all the folders related to the programs created by mouser.

And it worked!  :)  They are all in one folder and there are no functionality problems.


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