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CZB pack

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I did a little more testing. Apparently this is not a problem associated to fsubscript or anything like that.

I tried using, instead of a plugin, an alias that does exactly the same (on the keyword "todo"):
View TODO list | dolaunch htmlviewurl
--- End quote ---

Now, exactly the same thing happens: every time i use that keyword it displays my google tasks, but it eats up between 1 and 4 mb of memory, which are never released.
Right now FARR is using 100MB of memory, and I'm sure if i don't restart it it will grow much bigger in a few days.

So I guess the problem is in the htmlviewurl thingie. Maybe there's some allocated memory that isn't being released?

Maybe someone could try to reproduce this.

you may have found a memory leak in the browser component - i'm going to rebuild with latest version and see if that solves it.

After more testing (with the help of mouser), it seems that the problem is not in FARR but in Internet Explorer (I have version 7, but since I never use it it is probably not updated). I was able to reproduce the problem even without running FARR (that is, repeatedly opening/closing the same Google Tasks page with internet explorer). I will update to IE8 and see what happens.


I love this plugin, but when I activate it or runs FARR, FARR gives me a blue tray tooltip with the following error message;

Error occurred while loading C:\Program Files

message: undetermined string constant name: SyntaxError

the plugin seems to work in spite of the error, but it makes FARR a little bit unstable, as sometimes FARR crashes when I try to do certain actions (I don't exactly remember what were those. Usual run programs works without any problems)


ps. When I check the troubleshooting log, I found the following:

*Loading plugin: Google_Translate\libcurl.dll

I like this plugin ! but I found two error when I using these plugin including CZB ( gt and bt ) . 
1. when I input gt en , then display the prompt of "plugin google_translate has failed on search: message: object havn't support this attribute or method name: TypeError".
2. when I input " bt robot" , it's display " Http/1.1 Service Unavailable " .
pls help me ! thanks a lot !


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