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CZB pack

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Well I would start by erasing everything in user variables settings.-czb (November 26, 2009, 06:46 AM)
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how is that done czb?
I happen to have just installed CZB pack today (first time but I still had a lot of the earlier versions which I simply deleted first - no problems!) - you do say in the first post to delete user variables - how is that done - is it the ini file? (I didnt know how to do it & then conveniently forgot it :-[ plugins seem to be working okay though)
-tomos (November 26, 2009, 06:56 AM)
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Any takers to tell me how to "Delete old user variable section of FARR" (Recommended when updating)

Go to this tab and delete what you want:

Go to this tab and delete what you want: (see attachment in previous post)
-mouser (November 27, 2009, 08:18 AM)
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there's always a simple explanation - I was checking out all the ini files etc. :-[  thanks mouser :up:

Okay, I never coded in Javascript, so I'm totally illiterate on that topic, but I tried to make a very simple plugin and I'm seeing something weird.

Here's my code (I basically copied it from another plugin)
It is intended to simply display my google tasks embedded in FARR when i type "todo":

--- Code: Javascript ---plugins["todo"] = {  version: "1.0",  lastChange: new Date(fso.GetFile(currentDirectory+"\\fsubscript.js").DateLastModified).toDateString(),  displayName: "TODO",  directory: currentDirectory,  aliasstr: "todo",  icon: currentDirectory+"\\favicon.ico",  description: "Google Tasks",   search: function(querykey, explicit, queryraw, querynokeyword,modifierstring,triggermethod){    if(!explicit) return;        FARR.setStrValue("launch", "htmlviewurl");        FARR.setStrValue("launch", "waitforhtml");        FARR.setStrValue("launch", "setfocus mainpanel");        FARR.setStrVAlue("EmbeddedWb.ExecJavascript", "document.getElementsByTagName('iframe')[0].contentWindow.document.getElementById('1').getElementsByTagName('div')[2].focus()");  }};
Now, here's what's weird. Apparently the memory used to load the html is never released. Maybe this is normal, but I find it odd, because calling my "todo" plugin a few times makes the memory footprint of FARR become really high. In fact every call increases between 1 and 4 MB of memory used, and it seems that it is never released after that (only a tiny bit is released when i close the window). See this pic:

Each "jump" in the graph corresponds to me typing "todo", enter, and then closing FARR (to the background). See how it keeps increasing until i stop doing it (at which point it's using 68.4 MB). After a while, nothing changes:

Any idea what's going wrong (or what am I doing wrong?)

Edit: In a previous post I stated that a "google calendar" plugin was doing this, but I was confused, I corrected it now. I'd appreciate any hints.

hmm this is an interesting finding.. i suppose the first step might be for us to figure out if this happens with every fsubscript plugin, every fscript plugin, or what.. that would be our first clue about where to look.


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