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CZB pack

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That is a pity. Office 2007 unfortunately does not have MSE7 debugger (just-in-time debugger for f.e. javascript) anymore. The very last version having it was Office 03 and Frontpage 03 and of course any full Visual Studio.

Another stupid thing is that MS IE does not give a line number as a part of try catch error information. Both Firefox and Opera do.

I am afraid that without knowing an exact place of the bug, I can not do anything about it. :(

I get the same error as skwire...

The error happens from typing the space after 'gt' and to the space after first language, i.e. 'gt en ' but after that there's no error, and GT translates as expected. This only happened recently, after I tried to translate a longer text from dutch to norwegian, by pasting directly into FARR's search field and pressing enter.

After I did that, the error occurs whenever I try to use gt.

Apart from that, I guess I don't have much useful info to provide... and no install of mentioned products  :(

Is there anything useful I can do to either find the bug or at least a workaround? GT is one of my most used FARR plugins

Well I would start by erasing everything in user variables settings. This is where google translate stores last languages. I can not image what else would cause it.

Let me know if it helps.

Well I would start by erasing everything in user variables settings.-czb (November 26, 2009, 06:46 AM)
--- End quote ---
how is that done czb?
I happen to have just installed CZB pack today (first time but I still had a lot of the earlier versions which I simply deleted first - no problems!) - you do say in the first post to delete user variables - how is that done - is it the ini file? (I didnt know how to do it & then conveniently forgot it :-[ plugins seem to be working okay though)

thanks, czb. Removing the GT part in the user variables section AND restarting FARR did the trick. I guess I'll have to let you know if it happens again ;)

Thanks :)


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