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I have left launchy in favor of FARR. It is a great nifty utility and is better than almost all alternatives I have used in past decade. though the FARR itself is being developed, it seems plugins are lagging behind. Many of the plugins are broken. I wanted to use the calculator but so far no luck. GCalc is broken as google has changed its output and the script doesn't parse it properly etc. I will be trying to customize farr to suit my needs but may I request people to ensure that the plugins are refreshed at least yearly and there is a better way to report what is broken and what is not. Possibly, an auto discovery of plugins in farr will be a great feature instead of manually downloading to plugins directory. I will share if I write something for farr. Once again, an excellent nifty utility and great work guys  :Thmbsup:


... and there is a better way to report what is broken and what is not....
-destiny_ruler (April 03, 2013, 08:05 PM)
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The typical way this is currently done is by posting a bug report in the respective plugin's thread. When you say 'better', do you have something specific in mind?

Yes. There can be a up/down vote for plugins in a dedicated plugin page. It can display if it is broken or works only with a specific version. Try to find this zipped plugin pack from search or dc/farr homepage. It is difficult. There is a place for the farr plugins but it doesn't show user input (votes for brevity) in a glance. If I know a plugin is broken, I can simply downvote it on the page. Specifics can be looked for in the thread which is linked in the plugin title.

Something on the same line but much cleaner is for notepad++

Also, a plugin manager that lists the compatible plugins/scripts which can be checked to download/install would be great. I can see that the dcscript plugin is written pretty much on the same line. I haven't explored the SDK but a quick look in the gcalc and some other scripts shows mouser has done an excellent job. I would go one step further and would say that the plugins should also be installed from the farr search box itself. how? See sublime-text package control plugin which allows to install/uninstall/discover(with small detail) plugins of choice.

I have been using keyboard based launchers for years and farr beats all of them. It has a huge potential. Lets host it on github for the world to contribute.

It's not a bad idea. Maybe the new web site, once put in place, will allow to implement something like that.

Concerning a simpler way to install FARR plugins: have a look at DcUpdater. While it does not support installation of all of the available plugins I guess most of them are there.

WOW, thanks for this, I just tried it out, i think the tm timer is extremly useful, i would be interested in synchronization using an online server for timers that woudl for example email yourself
what do you think?


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