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CZB pack

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Is there a script I need to run to register the DLL or something?
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no -- there is nothing you have to do.

it sounds like you installed it in the right place, in Plugins\FSubScript\

if installed it should show up in the plugin list as "FARRSubScript"

you might try this, restart farr -- see if farrSubScript is in list when you type: aplugins

if not, go to options and the new troubleshooting log tab, and scroll to bottom and look for the list of plugins it has loaded -- see if you see it in there.

No, "aplugins" doesn't show it.

Here's the bottom of my troubleshooting log: Spoiler::: [ Starting Find and Run Robot v2.75.01 on Monday August 10, 2009 at 10:38 AM ] :::
*Loading plugin: FarrFox\FarrFox.dll
*Loading plugin: FarrFox\pcre3.dll
*Loading plugin: FCalc\FCalc.dll
*Loading plugin: ServiceCtrl\ServiceCtrlPlugin.dll

let me ask a silly question -- are you sure that you dont have 2 copied of FARR, and you are putting plugins in one and launching the other?

or go to the options, configure plugins, make sure you dont have fsubscript disabled.

the thing is -- from what you are pasting it's not even trying to load the plugin, which suggests to me either its disabled or its not finding the plugins.

Nope. I checked in Process Explorer, the place I'm putting the plugins is a child of the place that FindAndRunRobot.exe is running from.

In options/configure plugins, FSubScript does not appear on the list at all.


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