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CZB pack

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Here you can find set of my plug-ins, which was first released during NANY 2009.

The plugin pack consists of:

* JSCalc- powerful calculator for farr with history tape, variables, conversion functions, and best of all a super easy way to add your own custom functions.
* Table data search - advanced plugin to let you search your own data files. For example csv (comma separated data files)
* Timer - easily create timers based on countdown times, specific dates and times, etc.
* Google Translate - quickly translate between any two languages
* Online Czech2X Dictionary - look up Czech definitions of words from other languages
* Character Table - quickly select unusual ascii characters and diacriticals to paste into other programs
* Google Dictionary - look up words in a dictionary of a foreign language
* Definr - dictionary that makes use of
* Dicts Thesaurus - dictionary that makes use of
* Google Calculator - a simple calculator which uses google calculator functions
* NinjaWords - dictionary that makes use of
* Tratu Baamboo- Vietnamese dictionary that makes use of


* The latest beta version of FARR
* The latest FARRSubScript modified by me ( )
Installation procedure:

* Delete old CZB pack when updating
* Delete old user variable section of FARR when updating
* Download FARRSubScript and CZB pack
* Unpack them into the FARR/Plugins folder, so you will see CZB_pack and FSubScript folders inside
* Reload FARR by goreload
* Type in fssc. Here you can deactivate scripts you do not want to use

* Many of the CZB scripts are using my new Menu object. Use tab, control+tab and enter key
* Please post anything concerning the CZB scripts here and not in the old topics. (They will be locked)
* If any of the scripts did not work for you, try them on again, as many of them have changed!

I'm having a problem with JSCalc - it seems to auto trigger when I am navigating to a path and get to the backslash character.  For example, if I invoke FARR and type "c:\", JSCalc triggers when I type the backslash.  I have double-checked the settings, and backslash is not one of the characters set to trigger it.

If I reload my plugins or just FSSC, it works properly until the first time I use JSCalc. After that, it auto-triggers on a backslash again.

My fault. I will correct it. It is because I made a mistake in regexp

It should be fixed by now. If there is any other bug, pls let me know ;)

Thanks for the quick update.  It seems to be working now.



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