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Something I miss -


I often find myself trying to capture dropdown menus, but I often fail as the capture will steal focus and loose the menu-shot I am trying to capture.  I usually can work around this through full screen screenshots and cropping, for example; but perhaps this is something that can eventually be worked in for a regional capture?

Just a thought.  Oh, and there may be a better way that I just missed in the usage instructions.  If so, I am all ears ;)

are you using red box region capture mode or the normal one? are you using the new sc beta with improved non-redbox region capture?  both modes can capture menus but the techniques are different.

No I wasn't using those methods, but I have been since and I find them quite useful now.  And  I am using the version 2.37.03.  It is stable and works for the project I am currently working on.  Though I must say I use newer versions at home. I really should update this version shouldn't I ;)


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