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FEATURE REQUEST - Edit Enhancements


I would have added to the pinned feature request, but that post is locked, so I figured this was the best place to put it.  If there is a better place, feel free to move it.

I use SC constantly lately and I have found a few features I would appreciate that may be in line with the product.  The first one I may have asked for elsewhere, but I will ask here again.  That request is to be able to open files in SC.  If you go to File>Open - wait, that doesn't exist!  That is what I am talking about.  I have a current work around - choose file, use open with... and then select SC, but that is annoying when already working in SC on other related captures.  See, I find SC extreamely easy to do certain things like crop or adding arrows, text, etc. and taking a screenshot of an existing image sounds counterintuitive to me.  Especially if the picture is bigger than the screen and not scaleable (I know, SC can handle that, but why not allow it to open it instead of taking a complicated screenshot).

The second request is a simple (well to the user  :P) expansion of the canvas.  I often find myself cropping the picture down to a menubox (for example) then needing to paste that into Word so I can take another screenshot just to get a white background to write the arrow and information into.  I admit, there may be easier ways to accomplish this already built in, but I can say I haven't found it yet.

Hope that give a few good ideas.

I can add file -> open easily and will do so.  Keep in mind that this will change the current screenshot directory though.
One thing you could do, which is what i do instead, is just drag files into the left hand thumbnail view when i want to touch up an image that is in another place.  Then i edit it, and drag it back out.  The advantage here is that you are working on copies of files in case you mess up.

As for your second request, easily possible in current version:

Tips: You can use Ctrl+G to bring up resize dialog; enter a value in Quick Border to set equally-sized borders on all edges.

I didn't even think of dragging and dropping the picture.  Duh!  Oh well.  :-[

As for the resize, I thought that was for stretching the picture to the canvas size (or collapsing the canvas to the picture), not adding canvas size to the picture.  That is cool.  Thanks.  Glad these were easy ones for you.   :D :D


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