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What's your mouse of choice?

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superboyac I think your description of Logitech's version of the free-spinning scroll wheel is spot on. I've used 3 different MX Revolutions and they all behave the same way, just as you describe. I used-to love the auto-switch-to-free-spin mode of the Revolution and was disappointed to see that it was no longer available on my G9. The G9 doesn't switch automatically, there is a completely inconvenient button on the BOTTOM of the mouse that switches between free-spin and "detent-ified" modes. I just use it in free-spin mode at all times, I've grown to like it a lot.

Here's a video that shows the 2 modes of Logitech mice...

OCZ Equalizer Laser Desktop Mouse

My favorite mouse:


That's very different than what I have.

Mine never click-clicks. It can't click-click. It has no detents to do that click-clicking with.

There is no 2 modes. There is only no click-click.
-app103 (February 22, 2009, 03:07 AM)
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Hmm...ok.  Then I need to make a correction.  There is no physical click-click, but the mouse will behave like a normal clicky mouse when it is in that mode.  So the two modes are controlled entirely by the software, and physically the wheel is always in free-spin mode.
-superboyac (February 22, 2009, 03:20 AM)
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App isnt using a logitech mouse lol (i.e. she's saying how the make/model she has is different)

PS hi to bgd77's favorite mouse :)

Logitech's VX Nano also the free scrolling wheel. It has a tiny USB receiver, is light and is comfortable to use. The main drawback is that middle mouse clicking is a real hassle. The free scrolling wheel can middle click but it takes much more force to click and it is VERY easy to unintentionally both middle click AND scroll up/down. If you use middle clicks a lot then the mouse becomes almost unusable in that scroll wheel mode. I don't use it as my primary mouse. It is perfect as a laptop mouse when travelling though. I hope they find a way to re-engineer the free wheel so that regular middle clicks work. An simple hack would be to move the search button from behind the wheel to right in front of it. It is currently placed to far from the fingers natural resting place. It puts a lot of strain on the fingers to often reach back and use that button for middle clicks (I tried it for a few days). And the side buttons are not so good for that either (tried that too; middle clicks are best done with a button in the middle of the mouse),EN


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