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What's your mouse of choice?

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So up to now, only App's hard-to-find, more-so-in-EU Evoluent is the only one non-logitech with the free wheel. Anyone?

I'm surprised no other maker has copied this; it's a truly great idea.

The VX Revolution has the "free wheel", if I understand you correctly. The wheel also functions as a middle button.

Logitech G5.  I just bought another one this week.  I wore my old one out FPS gaming.  I was going to buy the G9, but it's ugly, I don't like the shape or the way it fits my hand.  I want the 3200 DPI, but can do without it. The G5 is the best gaming mouse I have ever owned.,EN

I alternate between the mouse that came with my Bamboo Fun and a Microsoft Standard Optical Wireless mouse...

Currently (as in switched back about 20 minutes ago!) the MS mouse. Both work well, but I haven't used the Bamboo tablet in about six months, so disconnected it to reclaim some deskspace (admittedly, all I am really doing is reducing the footprint of one USB 1.1 wire from the tablet to a hub...). Anyway, both work well!

Thanks app. One final question, does the mouse need proprietary drivers and is it compatible with Linux?
-Paul Keith (February 21, 2009, 03:41 AM)
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Windows: comes with drivers, works well, doesn't really need them unless you want to set the more complex features or change the defaults.

Mac: Basic 2 button functionality without drivers, which are not included. They are available from a 3rd party supplier and will enable all 5 button, but the drivers are not free.

UNIX/Linux: no drivers available. It's just a standard 3-button mouse with these OS's...

unless you have the wireless version (only comes in v3). With that one Linux is 5 buttons functional In XFree 4.0.1 or higher, and Knoppix Linux 3.9 or higher without a driver: left click (top), right click (middle), middle click (bottom), middle click (wheel), right click (thumb)

But the wireless one isn't compatible with UNIX at all.


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