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Why I Avoid Apple Products

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However if you buy an apple desktop / laptop you got as much choice to run things on it as a windows based one, which disproves the quotated text. What's with the apple hate?
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A few years ago I bought into the Apple myth and got myself a Mac mini.  It was very nearly the dumbest thing I ever did.  Not because the Mac didn't work, or wasn't "cool", but because I found that it didn't work better than my XP machine did.  It had it's own quirks and PITA (pain in the a**) features.  In the four or so years that I've owned it, I've never cottoned to it, and it's little more than an expensive toy that I occasionally use for some video editing.  (Which I admit, it does an excellent job at -- but it's not something that is essential for the things that I do for work or recreation.)

What especially has crawled up my fanny is that smug jackass who plays the Mac guy on those ads.  He epitomizes the smirking, holier-than-thou, patronizing attitude that I catch from a LOT of Mac users, all of whom seem to think I'm dim for using a PC, and that Windows is just a very shabby poor country cousin to the hip OSX.  Well, darn it, I LIKE my XP machine, and use it DAILY for everything.  I even like my Vista machine, which serves me as a media center. 

One thing that I have discovered about the Mac is that yes, it's true that anything you can do with a Windows machine you can also do with a Mac -- but it will cost you $$ and your choices will be much more limited.  I found that even for simple utility programs, I would be nickle and dimed for them.  Nor was I happy when I realized that my version of the OS became nearly obsolete since I've owned it, and I will have to keep upgrading to the latest one if I ever want to keep all my Mac software up to date.  (Just try buying software for Panther.  Go ahead, I dare you to find anything.  For pete's sake, Firefox 3 isn't compatible with it, and I'm stuck with FF2!)  As near as I can tell, the principle that Apple operates under is how to maximize what they take out of my pocket. 

As for the iPhone...well, I think I'll just wait for the Palm Pre.  I've had quite enough of Apple for the time being.

This phylosophy is why people love and hate apple.

Apple should go with the trend and rename itself "iPple". It follows the popular if not overhyped scheme of small i followed by a capital letter and looks about as ugly as the company when they start suing their consumers again.

This phylosophy is why people love and hate apple.
-justice (March 10, 2009, 04:14 AM)
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Yep, that pretty much sums up Apple. Except for some reason they think they need to make cheap crap like this twice the price (or more) of the good stuff.

Carol Haynes:
I had a situation the other day that a friends daughter was pressurising her parent to buy her a MacBook for going off to university. She has lots of expensive software (bought by her parents) that only runs on Windows and when I asked her why she wanted to spend much more money on a MacBook than get the latest (and very nice) Sony VAIO for about half the price for a lower spec she had a number of answers:

1) Apple is Greener

I had a look at the Apple website and they are now marketing themselves as greener than other manufacturers. I really can't see how they have the gall to suggest this since they use exactly the same components (actually technically older and lower quality components often) as any other laptop - bought in motherboards, nVidia graphics etc. They claim the body of the laptop is made from fully recyclable Aluminium but they are far from unique in that (eg. Samsung make aluminium laptops) and what they don't say is that plastic is also recyclable so it isn't by any means a unique feature.

The other thing that made me laugh was they were claiming how efficient the new MacBook Pro batteries are (with up to 8 hours usage time). They claim they last 3 years in normal use whereas all other manufacturers expect you to change your battery every one or two years. This is a bare faced lie - I have yet to meet someone who had to change a laptop battery within two years and Apple are so confident in their product that they still state the battery is only guaranteed for one year (despite the 3 year claim). Given the claims they made over iPod battery life forgive me if I need to be convinced on this argument. Add to that the MacBook Pro has to be returned to Apple to have its battery changed when it does die - to me this is totally unacceptible and actually be definition shortens the life of the battery because you can't remove it when you are using the machine on mains power for extended periods.

2) I want to be able to carry my whole music library

I pointed out that the Sony had as standard more than twice the hard disc capacity than the basic MacBook and that to buy a system with the same hard disc capacity would be exactly twice the price!

3) It has more memory

The Sony VAIO NS20EP has 3Gb of memory as standard - none of the MacBooks (even the most expensive) come with more than 2Gb as standard and you will probably have to pay Apple's inflated prices to expand memory because you can't get into their boxes to install an upgrade.

The Sony VAIO costs £500 (list price) whereas a not quite equivalent spec MacBook costs £1200.

It turns out the real reason was that she had been staying with a family with three children all of whom had been extolling the huge advantages of their very pretty MacBooks.

All this spin, lies and religious zealotry is really annoying when you are trying to present a rational recommendation to a parent paying for a laptop for a child to take to uni. If she had been going to uni to do a graphic design course I could easily have support her choice but she is going to do English - so all she needs is a browser and a Word Processor!


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