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This tiny little freeware program is very simple but i find myself using it constantly, whenever some program tells me it wants to reboot to "complete the install".

Can usually give you some good insight into what operations are pending the reboot:
Tiny, simple, risk free; doesn't change anything, just reports on what it finds in the registry settings that are used to perform operations on rebooting.

Carol Haynes:
Wouldn't a shortcut to:


do the job ??

(Sorry noticed it does more than the window shows)

yeah it reports a couple more registry things...

but it brings up a reasonable point - whyreboot? hasn't been updated in over 2 years and it's a very simple program see below!
[i wonder if a good coding snack might not be to implement this and look for any other registry keys or files that might be useful to see.
not sure there is anything to update but could if so it would make a good coding snack.]

Wow, I like this! Cant believe I hadnt run into this before! I just had nero ask me to reboot again after uninstalling (cant get it to work properly, been working with their tech support (which sucks btw) but to no avail). This is a great way to tell why i need to reboot! Thanks!

Man, this is definitely a snack moment. I often use programs without rebooting, but not all work. Altiris SVS (virtualization tool) has a good solution to this when installing/running programs in a virtual layer, too, where you don't have to reboot.


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