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Hello folks

I came across how to create the necessary address to add to my reader  :up:
So I shall pass this onto you folks here :Thmbsup:

copy the following address to you reader to watch this Forum/Blog
Or for those folks that like to click copy and paste or Drag to there reader, I have also made the following links.

The following Rss links follows this Forum specifically :P

For 10 Posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=10;type=rss2

For 20 posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=20;type=rss2

For 30 Posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=30;type=rss2

For 40 Posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=40;type=rss2

For 50 Posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=50;type=rss2

For 100 posts;sa=recent;board=240.0;limit=100;type=rss2

Hope this assists you folks  :D

SGT. E. V. McKay

PS.     Final note here. I have modified the above feed to list the last 20 entries to the forum.
You may change this to how many ever number of forum responses you want by simply changing the limit=20.
Therefore you can change the number to 10, 20, 30, 57. Whatever works for you.
Just change the "Limit=20" in the address to whatever number is comfortable for you.

Any questions, let me know, and I will attempt to address them

Enjoy :D


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